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4 Tips to deep clean your carpets and furniture

We all love a beautiful carpet and beautiful furniture, they are things that cannot be missing

but everything gets complicated when it comes time to clean them. For this reason, from Clean Ready Miami we want to give you some tricks so you can do it quickly, easily and look like new.

Shake off the dust

Do you also get a headache just thinking about the amount of dust that accumulates inside the fibers of the carpet? Don’t worry, the first thing you should do is very patiently vacuum until you remove as much dust as possible, now if you don’t have a vacuum you can shake it outdoors repeatedly and then pass it a broom to remove the dust. remaining powder.

Warm water

Since it is free of dust, we can wash it, but we recommend using warm water, detergent, white vinegar, baking soda, salt and passing it with a delicate brush so as not to wear it out or perhaps a cloth, until you no longer see dirt.


With clean water and a cloth without detergent, rub the carpet as many times as necessary to remove the remains of the previous mixture.


Believe it or not, this process is usually the most delicate, it will depend on your carpet to make it look like new, but if it is thin, try to roll it to drain as much water as possible, and if it is thick, try to use a glass cleaner . Hang the rug out in the sunlight to finish drying, or you can also use a vacuum if you don’t have a yard.

I did all these steps but my carpet has an unpleasant smell, what do I do?

Use baking soda and salt again, let it act for a maximum of 4 hours and vacuum the carpet again, if it still doesn’t work then we recommend you do the washing again and remove the formula from step number 2 with more patience.

To have a cleaner carpet or furniture we leave you these regular care tips.

  • Vacuum the carpet weekly or daily depending on the amount of dust it accumulates.

  • Have a welcome mat for when you have visitors and shake them off before entering.

  • Avoid stepping on the carpet with dirty shoes, if possible, take them off.

  • Get a professional cleaning from Clean Ready Miami every so often.

Don't have time to clean them as they deserve? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you with everything you need. Make a booking with Clean Ready Miami here, and if you live in Brickell Florida you will have a -10% on our services.

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  1. such a good post! we are trying to get our grandmothers house cleaned and ready to move out of but she is so stubborn and won’t let us pay for a professional carpet cleaner, so we have turned to the ‘elbow grease’ route! luckily we found this post to help! thanks so much!

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